Gordon Ramsay Wants You To Have These 5 Items In Your Pantry

And he‘s always down for a TikTok

Credit: FOX

What’s your #1 favorite dish to make for yourself or your family?

Do your kids like to cook? If so, how do you teach them?

You kick your chefs out of the kitchen a lot on Hell’s Kitchen. Has that ever happened to you in your career? How did you learn from it?

What 5 items must be in your refrigerator/pantry at all times? Why?

What is one thing fans don’t know about you but you wish they did?

What advice would you give yourself as a young chef?

What was your biggest accomplishment in the kitchen? Biggest failure?

What made you want to partner with Tide?

Working in a kitchen, your chef’s coat must get filthy. What’s your go-to laundry method?



Dog lover, mom & food fanatic living in NY. Get in touch: kimswrites@gmail.com

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